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Taylorville IL Siding

At Better Way Home Improvements, we are dedicated to improving Taylorville IL siding on homes. Siding makes the outside of your house look as beautiful as it is from the inside. Most people focus on improving the way their homes look from the inside but making sure that your house looks attractive on the outside is also a factor you should consider. Updated, properly installed siding increases the curb appeal of your home which can skyrocket its resale value and improve your sense of pride in your home!

Taylorville IL Siding Material Options

Better Way offers many options for Taylorville IL siding. We aim to suit the varying needs, preferences, and budgets of our customers. See potential options for your home below:

  • Wood: A common material preferred due to its unique texture and biodegradable nature. However, to avoid erosion, wood siding tends to require more maintenance.
  • Wood Product: This mixture of wood and resin is a good alternative to regular wood sidings as it helps against erosion and other destructive elements. This option allows you to have the look of wood siding without all the maintenance work.
  • Vinyl: Very common and affordable, this option offers a variety of colors and textures. Vinyl is fairly durable, upkeep is minimal, and the variety will allow you to customize your home and create a unique look!
  • Brick/Stone: These options provide a very traditional feel to a home. These materials are durable and do not require much maintenance. They’re resistant to moisture, wind, and impact.
  • Metal: This material is the most cost-effective choice and is fairly durable to all types of weather. However, installation requires care and can only be carried out by trained professionals. The installation experts at Better Way Home Improvements are highly skilled. Call us for more information about our installation services!
  • Stucco: A mixture of sand, cement, water, and lime create this material. Stucco creates different textures that make each house more unique.

New or updated siding can completely alter the look of your home, while better protecting it from the elements. Contact us to get the best deals on Taylorville IL siding options, and transform the look of your home today! Also, we service Springfield, Decatur, Lincoln and Jacksonville.